Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Having setup this blog a while ago, I promptly forgot to update it. So as a prelude to my first proper blog, here’s a short run-down of events so far.
Batch 1: Survival achieved!!
In February I made my first attempt at charcuterie in the form of a Spanish style dry-cured Chorizo, aided by the game ‘Dr’ Simon Pick. It was a qualified success. A success in that it looked like chorizo, smelled like chorizo and even tasted like chorizo, and – most importantly of all – it didn’t kill us! Qualified in that it was very definitely on the ‘salty’ side. Not world beating sausage yet, then, but confidence was high: the process had worked!

My first ever chorizos in my state-of-the-art bespoke drying chamber. Note for South London dwellers: this is visible from most platforms of Clapham Junction train station

Batch 2: Taste sensation
Now confident of not killing myself and my loved ones, March’s batch 2 got a bit experimental. Starting from the same basic recipe I reduced the salt content (actually, I didn’t – I just measured it out more accurately), and added fennel seeds and dried chilli. The results – if I say so myself – were pretty damn good! The fennel was pronounced but not overpowering, whilst the chilli was subtle and imparted a real lingering flavour. Still a touch over-salty. Going in the right direction, though.
Brandishing my chilli and fennel beauties pre-drying. That stringing method looked good, but I ended up having to un-string them so the air could circulate - balls
To be continued...


  1. With this comment I hereby formalise the fact that you have at least one reader (recipient?). I can also confirm that i) said chorizo did not harm us, and ii) in fact it did delight us with its fennelly top notes and porky pizzazz. Kind regards, Sated of South East London.