Friday, 11 May 2012

Saucisson feedback part 1: The dinner party

My saucisson actually took its first major outing last Friday night, fresh off the drying rack! Having tasted the sausage only hours before, some would say I put my small gathering of work friends at considerable botulism risk. Others would say I put them at risk of a flavour orgasm!! Luckily, neither actually happened....although there were a few contorted faces upon tasting – not a botulism symptom I’m aware of...
Anyway, here’s the verdict(s):
The Brixton banger backer
“[This has] opened my eyes to a whole new world of sausage – dream!”
The South-Indian savaloy salivator
"Having feasted on your greasy sausage I have no doubts that the bank manager will throw cash at your pig farm should you ever seek investment..."
The Cheshire charcuterie chewer

"After nibbling the end I couldn't help but gobble it down..."
The Milton Keynes meat man-handler 
“I love saucisson! Fatty, salty & delicious sausage. Absolute win.”

So there you have it: 4 tasted (7, actually) and zero dead or fact, an excellent night had by all - RESULT!

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