Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ohhh mamma!!
I’m not one to exaggerate (well, I am a bit), but remember Friday 4th May 2012, for it is the day that a new force arrived on the sausage scene!!
A new force in sausage...(not to be confused with a 'force-in sausage')
I came home from a week in Wales on Friday, half expecting to find ruined, rancid sausages after I’d left the poor things on my balcony at the mercy of the rubbish weather. But Mother Nature clearly loves a good sausage (wheheeey!): my little beauties had dropped the requisite 35% weight (a touch more, actually) and – what’s more – had developed some healthy white mould for that added authenticity. Without further ado, I tore into them and was immediately and magically transported to France...
She slices like a dream
This wasn’t like the Chorizos that have come before – worthy as home-made efforts, but workmanlike in their slightly crude, over-salty flavour – no, no....this was the real deal!! As authentic a saucisson sec as I have eaten in the UK....honestly! The first hit when you cut into them was of intense garlic, but this was more pronounced in the aroma than the flavour, which was of deep, lingering pork, complemented by healthy but not over-done seasoning and just a slight sour-ish acidic note....mmmmm.
Fatty and meaty - interestingly two of my school nicknames...
“Stop blowing your own sausage!!” I hear you cry!! I realise that you won’t take my word for it...not that you’d think me a liar, as such. More like a proud father doting on his ugly kids? Well I’m taking my saucisson on the road.....Impartial reviews to follow shortly....


  1. They look excellent; great mould coverage too! I'm going to give them a try myself. My beef casings arrived this morning, but my curing chamber is getting a little crowded

  2. Cheers Max - I'm really pleased with them...definitely a cut above my previous efforts. The bactoferm really did it's job - nice mould and a lovely, subtle sour tang, just like a proper French Saucisson Sec!

    What are you making with your beef casings? Salami? I like the sound of your crowded curing chamber! :)

  3. I was thinking salami (your saucisson sec look the business), or maybe some chorizo. I started a lonzino off, then picked up another pork loin half price, so now I have two on the go. Also got another pancetta curing; nom! I've just invested in a proper meat slicer which will hopefully allow me to get appropriately-sized slices. What project have you got lined up next?